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Since 2010, CLEAN.AM has been dedicated to delivering quality cleaning services throughout greater Armenia. We specialize in commercial/domestic cleaning services and as of today, have serviced over 200.000 sq. m. daily.

We are a customer focused cleaning company  and our objective is to put to use our experience, dynamic professional work force and use of quality products to meet and exceed the expectation of our clients. CLEAN.AM is dedicated to delivering 110% results from the investment of our clients by combining hard work, dedication and constant communication.

CLEAN.AM is best known for Professionalism, Affordability, Customization and Quality of products used in executing any cleaning task. We pride ourselves on being a forward thinking company at the forefront of commercial cleaning best practices. We are YOUR perfect cleaning contractor!

To provide what is truly the best cleaning service possible, it is necessary to understand the individual needs of each of our clients. For this purpose, CLEAN.AM will perform a complete analysis of your overall janitorial and maintenance situation prior to servicing.
We do not take the cookie-cutter,"one-size-fits-all" approach that others may employ.

Everything is customizable, so that you can have a tailor made plan that accomplishes what you need done, and does not leave you with the unnecessary expense of those services that are not needed.
The loyalty of our employees is the key to our success, and shows in their work ethic. They are given the encouragement and respect they deserve to sustain their motivation. In this high turnover industry, over 80 % of our employees have been with us since the very beginning. 

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